Tantric massage

The tantric massage will make you feel sensual, embraced, connected, deeply relaxed and energized. It will open your mind and senses and harmonize your emotions.

Clients refer to it as being also very sensual, refreshing and energy-boosting for a long time after the session. 

It sometimes feels like a flow of beautiful energy, in which you just indulge yourself. It nourishes you and helps you to be more alert, relaxed, content and happy. There is no need to do so-called "happy endings", because the energy just keeps flowing very harmoniously in your body. It´s a truly enchanting and in the same moment such a real experience, with a lot of body-to-body touches and embraces, which will make you feel this is the best time of your life.

TANTRA MASSAGEdurationprice
Delightful Touch 1,5 hours 3200 czk
  0,5 hour extra 800 czk
Angelic Touch 1,5 hours 2000 czk
  0,5 hour extra 600 czk
Mystical Touch  2 hours 4000 czk
  0,5 hour extra 1000 czk
This type of massage is suitable for men, women or couples over 18. 
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You can choose from three options: 


Very pleasant touches, embraces and long strokes will make you feel loved and embraced by a mysterious energy. You are guided by the therapist how to breath and focus during the massage when you feel the energy is moving inside your body. You might feel very new and surprisingly pleasant sensations which will shiver over all your body, while you are guided to control perfectly your sexual energy and not losing it at all. It can be also a very emotional experience.

This massage can include careful and energetically healing massage of the area around the lingam for men and the yoni for women.

1,5 hours per 3200 czk (115 €)

30’ extra per 800 czk (25 €)



You will be gently caressed to forget all your everyday problems, you will open your heart and your mind, feel happy and very relaxed. This massage is a nice combination of normal relaxing massage and tantra. It is suitable also for people new to tantra.

It does not include direct massage of the lingam/yoni. Anyway, awakened energy is worked with.

1,5 hour per 2000 czk (72 )

30’ extra per 600 czk (20 €)

* The Express version is perfect for people who lack time, are new to tantra or need to relax and de-stress in a bit more intimate way than in the regular massage.



In this session you will manage to completely let go your thoughts and surrender to the loving and sensual touch of your therapist. Regain your full energy, stay in control of it, let yourself be guided by it, overpass your limits, feel ecstasy. Surrender to your divine nature and feel your energetical re-birth, safely accompanied by your experienced tantric companion. 

This massage usually includes a therapeutic massage of the lingam/yoni.

2 hours per 4000 czk (170 )

30’ extra per 1000 czk (45 €)

A little more about the tantric massages:
Sometimes it feels like you are floating, like the time does not exist anymore, waves of refreshing energy are flowing through you and in the end you feel regenerated, united and very content.

It is a body-to-body massage - the therapist will touch you with different parts of her body.

Traditionally, it can also involve the intimate massage - of the yoni (for women) and the lingam (for men).

The technique of the touch is combined, following certain know-how and allowing a very natural control and flow of the sensual and erotic energies which awaken in you during the massage. The final result is very impressive and each time unique. 

If you have any other practical questions regarding tantric massage, read more here or ask us - send a message or call us at 00420774574999. 


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