⭐ Hei, dear soul ... Magdalena here

⭐ I have the proper experience and education for sensitive, holistic massage 💛 If you wish for a professional touch and talk, which can really help you feel better and transformed, you are welcome to visit me. 

⭐ Sweet and charming like a goddess, I touch you in a deep way, take you to paradise. People say the feeling from my massage is better than sex. It awakens new horizons. It's simply something "different"...

⭐ Lay down, forget the time and allow yourself to dive in a dreamy world while exploring the pleasures of every little corner of your soul-body - let the sensual energy fill you and charge you with heavenly feeling. 

⭐ It's delicate, yet intense... it feels like electricity... like waking up from a bad dream into heaven! I caress you playfully with my hands and different soft parts of my body as well.. it clears your mind and makes you feel so relaxed.

⭐ It's a real treatment, but also so much fun ;) depends what you allow yourself to feel... sometimes we treat old pain in the soul, sometimes we laugh about life... and usually we take in a lot of life force!

⭐ As my hands and delicate body caress you slowly, you connect deeper with yourself, your sensuality, you get energized and in the same time deeply relaxed - which is a perfect combination! You will feel waves of natural energy which will wash away any trouble...

⭐ While controlling the sexual energy by deep, conscious breathing, your Entire body might start to vibrate with yet unknown pleasure and happiness!

💕 In the beginning we have an intro talk - I work individually with you and intuitively adapt to your unique needs or issues 💕

⭐ Come explore and enjoy amazing waves of orgasmic energy flowing in your entire body, refreshing your brain, connecting with your center and creativity… it feels like a bath in a sunny beach or a travel to another, mystical and good world.

⭐ You dissolve yourself and your limits, find freedom, self, connection. This orgasmic flow goes on for minutes, hours... it's very different from just an ordinary cum... so we can drop that... How is that possible? You need to find out..

⭐ Long-term effects in your life: more energy (batteries charged ;), better mental performance, self-confidence, open mind and heart, ability to give and receive love, healing of premature ejaculation, harmony in relationships and improved sexuality - prolonged pleasure, sense of purpose and connection.

⭐  My prices ⭐  
90 mins 
120 mins 
180 mins 
extra 30'

Come & go talk and preparation - max 30 minutes, free of charge. You are paying just for the time of the session itself.

⭐ Longer sessions are usually better, because we have time to explore everything in your body and spirit which needs attention, love or healing. We let the energy grow gradually and consciously, to transform and refresh you - it feels amazing and breathtaking - also for long time after the session... a real flow of amazing energy!

I love what I do and I am waiting to see you soon 😍


⛔ I am not offering sexual service or assistance, so please do not touch me inappropriately or do not ask about it
💋 you will need to control your instincts (I help you with that :) and that makes you grow stronger, more charming and clear 
💄 Next time, you can book a session for her as well - whoever SHE is (because this type of massage is a very good experience for women as well).


Rune Festervoll

12.03.2022 13:39

Hi I am 65 year old man, want real tantric massage. I know about tantric wisdom and love its lifestyle. Do you have time for me this weekend

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18.09 | 20:32


I would like to have a tantra massage appointment for 90 minutes.

12.03 | 13:39

Hi I am 65 year old man, want real tantric massage. I know about tantric wisdom and love its lifestyle. Do you have time for me this weekend

11.05 | 09:38

Hi there, Magda! I still have a vivid memory of our last session - you gave me a unforgettable experience and transported med from hell to heaven. Love from me to you!

21.01 | 01:36

Hi there! I’d like to book a relaxing massage. Anything available after 26th? Thanks!

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