Hello, my name is Magdalena and I am happy to offer you genuine tantric massage experience! I am now located in Majorstuen, Oslo.

To organize and book your tantric session, please simply send a message to

+47 ... .. ...

Come over to experience something unusually great - we will use controlled pleasure to have antistress, healing and transformative effect on you. It's simply the perfect thing you can do for yourself to feel better as soon as possible.

Do you need to relax and let go? I offer a professional and safe full body massage care, which touches your body & soul in a deep way and will give you a feeling of purpose and connection.  

⭐ Sensitive, holistic massage - genuine tantric experience

⭐ Suitable for both men and women

⭐ Massage studio with tradition and quality

  Magdalena Massage Art (c) 2014 - 2023

Latest comments

18.09 | 20:32


I would like to have a tantra massage appointment for 90 minutes.

12.03 | 13:39

Hi I am 65 year old man, want real tantric massage. I know about tantric wisdom and love its lifestyle. Do you have time for me this weekend

21.01 | 01:36

Hi there! I’d like to book a relaxing massage. Anything available after 26th? Thanks!

11.05 | 09:38

Hi there, Magda! I still have a vivid memory of our last session - you gave me a unforgettable experience and transported med from hell to heaven. Love from me to you!

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