Hei hei :)

Let me introduce myself to you ... (read below pictures)

My name is Magdalena and I have been doing therapeutic massage for a good while.

I got a certification with traditional relaxation massage in 2012 and since that time I never stopped learning. I embraced also the tantric style in 2014 and I gained various and international experience in the practice since then. And I love it :)!!!

I love to see things and you as a human in your entirity, therefore my sessions are something else than just a massage. Fulfilling the idea of balancing the mind-body-spirit, my sessions often turn into an unusual and uplifting experience, which will make you feel just great or even - as my clients say - as reborn (or at least younger:).

I am based in Prague, but nowadays I also work in (area).

I sincerely look forward to taking care of you. Hope to see you soon!