Luxurious and beautiful body - to - body massage

for your physical, mental and spiritual relaxation

  • MEN

    – lingam massage and acupressure for letting go stress and for building-up erotic energy

    - pelvis and prostate massage from outside

    - improving self-confidence

    & awakening Spiritual Heroism 🥰


    - breasts and yoni (vagina) massage for physical and emotional healing effect

    - safe environment to explore your body and sensation

    - awakening sacred femininity

    & Goddess within 🥰


– releasing negativity, building up positive energy
– anti-stress and therapeutic (healing) effect
– delicate play with fabrics or my own hair on your skin
– warm oil deep muscle massage - both soft and strong - back, legs, arms, neck, head, face (combination of massage styles perfect for you)
– you receive long, sweet touch and embrace from an angelic woman
– you don't need to do nor perform anything, just receive, breathe deeply and enjoy yourself
– you can surrender to my guidance, I will take care of every second of your "journey"
– perfect control of sexual energy makes you fly:
– sublimation of energy from erotogenic zones to your entire body and chakras - a stunning experience!
– leading to waves of pleasure or even tantric orgasm
– a sense of flow or meditation
– deep physical relaxation, mental peace
– open talk to fit your unique needs or issues
- shower and refreshment
– an adoration ritual to start with
– feedback and sharing at the end
– you leave from here smiling, shining, feeling ten years younger 💕