Health boost

This kind of treatment is great in case you get headaches or you want to improve the flow of fluids in your body.

It´s great if your legs or body get swolllen or you retain water.

It´s also a wonderful way to detoxicate your organism.


WELL-BEING BOOSTdurationprice
honey massage 60 mins 1000 czk (45 €)
lymphatic massage package of 3x90 mins sessions 3000 czk (115 €)

How does the treatment go? You will get a herbal tea to drink, the therapist will apply a special oil on the lymphatic glands zones and a wrap to induce the whole process. The massage is done with very gentle and regular movements especially over the soft tissues of your body, limbs and the face.


DETOX/ LYMPH - 3 x 60 mins

This basic serial procedure includes 3 session within one week.

price for the package: 3000 czk (120 euros)



HONEY massage

Is great for releiving tensions of muscles and joints. It dexofies the body an is also very god for atheletes before their trainings.