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"Change your water, change your life"
what a smart slogan of Enagic

We are made of water by 70-90%, did you think about it? What water do you actually use in your daily life for cooking, making coffea or tea? In what water do you shower or take bath? Bottled water? Tap water? What quality is it?

You might say you drink Evian or something like that, right? 

but honestly... would you make your tea or soup from it? Boil your rice or spaghetti in it? Do you shower yourself with evian? ... that would get really pricy and ...well... so much plastic and heavy lifting... poor you and poor planet!
But in the same time when you think of tap water, although its quality varies in different parts of the world, all in all, its qualities are far from being like a mountain or a healing spring - we can for sure agree on that.

Imagine a device which lasts for a lifetime and simulates the qualities of a spring water right in your kitchen and bathroom. To me, this is a genious idea.

You might think.."hmm, but water is just water, right?" and I say "well, not really, may be just at the first sight, but your body can tell the difference and especially long-term."

Let's look at it a bit closer:

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