Flavin7 (500ml drink)

80,00 EUR

Flavin7 Premium products have got higher amounts of polyphenols and flavonoids. Due to their higher quercetine and rutene content they have enhanced antioxidant and radical-bounding power, and as a consequence, they improve elasticity of the veins more efficiently, growing the resistance of the body, lowering formation of harmful cellular functions in the system. Polyphenol content: 24.000mg/l Flavonoid content: 18.000mg/l

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About flavonoids: Plants able to photosynthesize are very rich in aromatic substances, flavonoids belonging to polyphenol type substances form a great group of them. Pharmacological and physiological effects of flavonoids have been well-known for a long time, but a lot of research is performed nowadays, proving further positive effects of theirs. Among their positive physiological effects the following can be emphasized: liver protection, antivirus, inhibition of dental caries, enhancement of epithelisation after burns/ epithelial injuries. Flavonoids mainly exert their influence in the digestive and circulatory system. They bind free radicals, inhibit oxidation of fatty acids, lower LDL cholesterol rate, that is moderate the risk of arteriosclerosis. Their influence is outstandingly positive on the cardiovascular system, by enhancing elasticity of the vein-walls, lowering cholesterol levels and inhibiting blood-clotting. They have a protective effect from thrombosis. ... Flavin 7 has been circulated in Hungary since 1998. Sales of more than five hundred thousand products have proved that bioflavonoids and vegetal antioxidants have got an important role in health preservation or restoration of people who are health-conscious. Flavin 7 has changed in its appearance, as shown here, enriched with genuine vegetal constituents during the course of the years, significantly increasing its active agent content. Further development of Flavin 7 has been completed by this. The product will be free of the burden of developments therefore, however offering possibility to be available for even more people in this form. So Flavin 7 will be available in bigger put-ups and at more favourable prices. 500 ml Flavin is ideal for people who need to consume bigger quantities of it and in shorter periods (1 month)