Olimpiq SXC CC Jubileum 250% 60db-60db

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VITALITY based on scientific research! Increase the vitality of your stem cells with the help of new discoveries of science! Over the past 10 years, we have been able to develop a formulation that can mobilize adult stem cells in the bone marrow. We have made it possible for our body to naturally produce more stem cells, so that it can repair the defects caused by illness, accident, or simply aging. These research findings have helped many people, even those who have been abandoned by conventional medicine. Administration: 2 capsules per day (first capsule A, after 30 minutes capsule B), drink a lot of water after.

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In fact, the more multipotent stem cells circulate in our peripheral vasculature, the better our health, as bone marrow stem cells form the body's natural "renewal" system. According to scientists, this is why we are healing slower and harder at the age of 35 because stem cells in our body are no longer formed to the extent that they were at a young age. However, the number of circulating stem cells can be increased! Natural substances that optimize the cellular energy balance (NADH) and protect our chromosomes (Astragalus membranaceus) can also influence the efficiency and tissue rejuvenation of circulating stem cells. One of the most important specialties of the product is that it has elevated NADH content. The amount of NADH molecules in our body determines how much power we have, how tired we are, and our concentration capacity. "Lacking NADH in the body is like running out of gas in a car." Regenerate and rejuvenate your organs with the help of stem cells! Details of product SXC: It promotes the formation and mobilization of stem cells in the bone marrow. In this way, excess stem cells are able to provide tissue regeneration faster and more thoroughly to our organs. Stem cell: The stem cell is a non-specialized cell capable of proliferation, self-renewal, which, through symmetric division, produces cells similar to itself and also produces committed progeny cells. The most important feature of stem cells is that they can be transformed into any tissue cell, and we can call them general regenerative cells. There are two types of stem cells, embryonic and adult. Embryonic stem cells can be derived from the bladder germ produced during cell division for 14 days after fertilization. Adult stem cells are found in our tissues, and they are formed and stored in the bone marrow. When an organ is not working optimally or is in some way injured and needs cell replacement, it sends a message to the bone marrow recognizing the information and sending stem cells to the injured area. This is called the general regeneration mechanism of the body. This process can be modeled as follows: - Stem cell exits bone marrow. - It gets into the bloodstream. - Get to the organs with the help of a special messenger. - When he arrives at the "target area", he takes advantage of his ability to divide and transmits his copy, and he is integrated and becomes cells of the organ. What is a stem cell good for? It can be said that the decrease in stem cell count is an accurate physiological indicator of the lack of regeneration and aging. The physical activity of circulating stem cells can also be increased by consuming certain foods. An easy and convenient way to do this is to consume the Olimpiq SXC, which was developed at the University of Pécs and is able to increase peripheral blood stem cell levels by up to 200% based on research. In terms of its mechanism of action, it inspires bone marrow stem cell production and storage tissues to release more adult multipotent stem cells into the bloodstream after consumption. This allows the extra stem cells to regenerate our worn out cells. Two hours after consumption, a 175% increase in the blood sample can be detected. NADH (Coenzyme-1 / Q1): It plays a key role in the synthesis of ATP, known as the "fuel" of cells, so that three ATP molecules are formed during the metabolism of NADH. The amount of ATP gives power to all of our human cells! Our physical strength, our thinking, our digestion, our perception of the outside world, in short, all that is thanks to the ATP molecules produced in our cells in the biological sense. NADH is an abbreviation for the biological substance designated as nicolinamide adenine dinucleolide. The letter H represents hydrogen. This compound is also known as Coenzyme-1 (Q1). NADH is the most potent antioxidant in the body. NADH is present in all living plant and animal cells as it is essential for energy production and thus for the survival of all cells. Animal cells produce more NADH because they also need more energy. The highest levels of NADH are found in cells and tissues that have the highest energy requirements. These are the heart, brain, muscles, liver and kidneys. The more NADH available to cells, the more energy they can produce. More than 1,000 metabolic reactions in the human body are controlled by NADH. If there is a shortage of NADH, you may feel bodily or mental fatigue. Every living cell in our body needs energy to perform its function. Muscles need energy to move. The brain requires energy to function properly in recognition and memory. The heart needs energy to perform pumping and pumping tasks. The lungs cannot breathe without energy. The ability to produce energy is a prerequisite for a cell to exist at all. Without energy, all cells die. The external supplementation of NADH can only be made from raw (untreated) foods, with higher levels of animal food. Their raw consumption is quite limited, so the easiest way to take advantage of this energy supplement is to take it as a dietary supplement. Astragalus: Responsible for chromosome stability (also for cell life), it protects Telomeric regions by increasing natural (Astragalus membranaceus) telomerase activity. As a result, the number of cells that are controlled by our body can be increased, which can slow down aging. - Herbal medicine used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than two thousand years. - Immune enhancer. - Antioxidant effect. - Activates the telomerase enzyme. Vitamin B3 (nicotinamide):