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Olimpiq SXC CC Jubileum 250% 60db-60db

Price: 200,00 EUR
VITALITY based on scientific research! Increase the vitality of your stem cells with the help of new discoveries of science! Over the past 10 years, we have been able to develop a formulation that can mobilize adult stem cells in the bone marrow. We have made it possible for our body to naturally produce more stem cells, so that it can repair the defects caused by illness, accident, or simply aging. These research findings have helped many people, even those who have been abandoned by conventional medicine. Administration: 2 capsules per day (first capsule A, after 30 minutes capsule B), drink a lot of water after.

Flavin7 (500ml drink)

Price: 80,00 EUR
Flavin7 Premium products have got higher amounts of polyphenols and flavonoids. Due to their higher quercetine and rutene content they have enhanced antioxidant and radical-bounding power, and as a consequence, they improve elasticity of the veins more efficiently, growing the resistance of the body, lowering formation of harmful cellular functions in the system. Polyphenol content: 24.000mg/l Flavonoid content: 18.000mg/l