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Here you can enjoy complete relaxation and refreshment. Drop the daily rush and reconnect with yourself in the oasis of peace. This massage can be a beautiful, healing and uplifting experience for you. You will feel a very pleasant change of Yourself.

Types of massage

Relaxation massage 

is suitable to anyone. It is done by regular massage techniques (aka “Swedish”), but the outcome is usually really magical. In case you feel a bit off, stressed or your body hurts and you need energetical recharge, this will suit you perfectly. You will feel fresh and reborn. Read more here.

Tantric embrace

is suitable for you in case you want more than a physical touch. Tantric massage is a whole body experince including completely all your body. It feels like a huge, loving embrace. It is an experience which goes deep under your skin, reaching your emotions, imagination, old or new dreams and also your spiritual center. Read more here.  

Well-being boost

Soft massage working with your lymphatic system. It can boost your physical and emotional well-being. Perfect when you feel your body is tensed or swollen. Read more here.

Techniques can be combined to get a massage as unique as you are unique yourself :)

If you are not sure what would be the best kind of treatment for you, feel free to ask at +420 774 574 999 or simply send us an e-mail

About me

I have been doing massages for more than ten years, certified since 2012 and I have various and international experience in the practice. 

Always being into holistic health approach, my sessions are something else than just a massage. Fulfilling the idea of balancing the mind-body-spirit, my sessions often turn into an unusual and uplifting experience, which will make you feel reborn.

Why Massage "Art"?

When you experience something transforming, maybe because you saw a breathtaking natural scenario, heard touching music or lyrics, something changes inside yourself for the better. When you close your eyes, the reflection of that beauty stays inside you for a while. And in my massage, you can feel this inner shift as if you had just been in a concert of your own life and you indulge in the beauty of it...